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Trendblog – Terms of use & Privacy Policy

The Trendblog Terms of service describe the general terms and conditions that any user of our services is bound by. The Trendblog privacy policy describes how confidential data and user data is used on Trendblog and how we try our best to secure your information and keep it safe from third parties. Whenever we refer to “us” or “we” it is indicated that we refer to Trendblog as “us” and the company behind the platform.

We set up the terms to our best knowledge and to the most possible detail while at the same time trying to stick to a very communicative English in order to remain understandable for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read our terms of service and the privacy policy.
Both terms apply to all our services, whether it is apps, websites, events or other services organised by us, Trendblog. And whoever participates in one of our offered services is bound by the terms of use and automatically subservient to the privacy policy.

The general terms

We provide you with the Trendblog service. Including all applications and the relative website presenting our platform. We try our best to structure the applications and websites in a simple and understandable matter, so you can have the best experience in using our services and you can have the highest motivation to join our overall mission; To change the fashion industry together because everyone can now influence fashion trends.


What we try to provide;

  • We offer you the opportunity to share your fashion and personal content with our entire community
    Because we do not believe in following others and building personal audience but rather in a global community of fashion interested people where everyone can influence fashion trends,everyone on the platform is technically able to see every one of your posts. Because of the way Trendblog works, and the mass of content that can be posted in a short time frame, not everyone will see every post.
    But the possibility is there, which is why we encourage you to share quality content that you can be proud of. Also, we want you to be aware of the fact, that people are different, and everyone has a different unique style and opinions when it comes to fashion. So, do not be discouraged whenever people disagree with your styles or dislike your content. Trendblog is a democratic platform where everyone can contribute to fashion trends equally.
  • A welcoming environment
    In order to nurture a growing community of active Trendbloggers we scan the content and observe the activity on the Trendblog platform.
    Of course we reserve the right to intervene and will do so whenever questionable content needs regulations or needs to be deleted because it is harmful to the community or even inappropriate in general. But because of the mass of interaction we cannot observe the entire platform in real-time, which is why we rely on you to help us keep an eye out for inappropriate content or misbehaviour. We encourage the use of the report button in order to alert us.
  • A positive experience
    Regardless of content, we try to provide you with a positive user experience and a seeming less flow of operations whenever you use the Trendblog services.
    It is in our great interest to provide you with a platform where you can freely participate in rating future fashion trends and can share your own opinion and content without any issues. But because we operate the platform on a global scale and our community grows rapidly it is always possible that issues occur.
    We try hard to keep the services running at all times without any major issues.
    But we are also only humans and cannot guarantee that there won’t ever be an issue. That being said, please bear with us whenever issues occur as we try our best to solve them as soon as possible.
  • Connecting you with brands

Because we are a fashion platform and we believe that everyone can rate, vote, influence future fashion trends we offer brands and labels the opportunity to showcase their products on Trendblog.
Trendblog is a democratic fashion platform where everyone can influence future fashion trends, we believe it is only fair to give product providers, labels and brands the chance to also participate and showcase their products to the community.
That is why from time to time you will find content provided by fashion brands.
Additionally you will find promoted content from labels. The promoted content can always be found in fashion categories where the relevant brand decided to post it in.
That means whenever you come across an advertisement, this promotion was not targeted specifically for you but rather for anyone interested in this fashion category.

  • Innovation and research

The information that we can gather on Trendblog we use in order to study our service and to improve it in the future so that we can improve the overall community as well your experience.


A detailed description of our services and how Trendblog works you can find at the end of the terms.


Your obligations

In order for you to use the platform Trendblog and as a return for the service we provide you with, we require the following commitments from you.


Generally, we like Trendblog to be as openly accessible as possible, because we believe that everyone should be able to influence future fashion trends and because it is our mission to democratise future trends. That being said we do not want to discriminate to any potential user of our service, but we do want the platform to be save and in accordance with the law.
That is why we need you to commit to a few restrictions in order to be part of the Trendblog community.


  • You must be at least 13 years old to use the service.
    It is advised to be 18+ in order to securely use Trendblog.
  • You must not be prohibited from receiving any aspect of our service under applicable laws or engaging in payments related services if you are on an applicable denied party listing.
  • Your account must not have been previously disabled by us due to a violation of law or any of our policies
  • You must not be a convicted sex offender

In order to nurture a growing and safe community, everyone must do their part.

  • You are not allowed to impersonate others or provide inaccurate information.
    It is not mandatory to disclose your personal identity or information on Trendblog.
    But it is mandatory to provide us with accurate information about yourself when logging in. This also helps us to show you the most relevant fashion.
    Also, you aren’t allowed to impersonate other people and you cannot create an account for someone else without having their permission.
  • You can do anything misleading, fraudulent or unlawful for an unauthorized or even illegal purpose
  • You shall not violate these terms or our policies, and you shall not help or encourage others to do so.
  • Generally, you must use the Trendblog services with good intent that can only positively influence the community.
  • All negative or toxic content and motivations are forbidden
  • You shall not do anything to interfere with the service or anything with the intent to harm the operations
  • You are not allowed to collect information in unauthorized ways or to make multiple accounts in order to increase platform access
  • You cannot attempt to sell, buy or transfer any aspect of your personal account to other users. This includes your username. You are also not allowed to collect or use login credentials from other users.
  • You shall not post anything that violates someone else’s rights. And you shall not post anything that includes private, confidential information or intellectual property.
  • You can’t use a domain name or URL in your username
  • All extreme nudity, violence and brutality is strictly forbidden
  • All horror scenes, bloody content or inappropriate posts are forbidden
  • Discrimination and racism of any kind is forbidden


The above-mentioned rules are observed and in case of inappropriate behaviour or a guideline break, will be fined with a deletion of your account.


Permission that you give us when signing up for Trendblog

In order to provide you with the Trendblog service you give us permissions that we need in order to operate the platform.


  • We do not claim ownership of your posts or content, but you grant us a license to use the content for Trendblog purposes. The pictures that you upload to Trendblog are your pictures and we do not claim ownership. But in order to grow Trendblog and operate the services you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to host, use, distribute, modify, copy, run, publicly perform or display or translate the content for promotional or operational purposes.
    Also, we have the right to create derivative works of your content in order to keep the Trendblog service available. The above is liable with regards to your privacy, as we will restrain ourselves from actively trying to expose private content. Obviously.
    The previously mentioned license can be revoked by deleting your Trendblog account. However, the previously posted content will remain.

  • Use of your profile picture, username, information that you gave away on the Trendblog platform and other actions related to your account.
    Information that you shared, profile pictures, content and usernames or other actions can be used in connection with ads, offers and other sponsored content without any compensation to you. For example, we may show (publicly or indirectly) that you have engaged with a promoted post created by a brand that has paid us to display the promotion on Trendblog. Other actions and content can only be seen by people who have permission to view such content or actions. Of course, we respect your privacy and will try to share such sensitive information only indirectly to brands or labels that are in a business relationship with us, as they pay for promotions. Meaning, your individual information will not be shown directly, but we create overviews and statistics of user habits for internal purposes, research and market analytics but no individual personal data can be extracted.
  • You agree that we can download and install updates to the Trendblog service on your devices.



Additional Rights from our side

  • If you choose an inappropriate username or a username which is too similar to somebody else’s, or infringes someone’s intellectual property, then we reserve the rights to change such name.
  • If you use some content or intellectual property that we have made, or made available through our services, then we retain all rights to our content.
  • Extracting source code from Trendblog or any of our digital services is strictly forbidden. You must have a written permission from us to modify, decompile or work on the code in any kind of way.


Deleting or disabling your account and content removal

  • Whenever we feel like content violates theses terms, the law or is in any other way offensive or inappropriate, we remain the rights to remove such content.
    You will be notified only if we think it is appropriate to let you know of our actions.
  • We remain the right to terminate for the greater good. If we believe that removal or an edit of content has positive overall influence on the growth and well-being of the Trendblog community and userbase, then we have the rights to actively perform changes or delete content.
  • We do not need to inform you about our actions, however we will only perform drastic changes in drastic situations that call for immediate action.
    In most cases we will get in touch with you if we believe there is an issue.
    Whenever you believe your profile or content was harmed or terminated in error, or you want to permanently delete or disable your account, please get in touch with us;
  • In case you want to remove content, you will have to provide a legitimate reason and get in touch with us over previously mentioned Email. If the situation calls for such measures, we will of course delete your content.
    This paragraph as well the following still apply after your account and/or content was permanently deleted or terminated.



Our terms of use

  • If any part of this agreement is unenforceable, all remaining aspects will remain in effect.
  • Any waiver must be signed by us and in written formality. It is no amendment if we fail to enforce any aspect of these terms.
  • We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.


Which parties have rights under these terms

  • No third party will gain rights through this agreement
  • You are unable to transfer your rights under these terms to a third party
  • Our obligations and rights can be assigned to others.


Responsibility in case of disagreements

  • We are only liable as follows; We have limited liability in accordance with the product liability act and are not liable for any damage to life, injury, death or problems that arise due to harmful intent.
  • Without limiting the above, we shall be liable only in case of violation of the essential obligations whenever there was harmful intent. However, when the actions and intend was for the greater good or the positive platform development we shall not be liable in case of a bad outcome.


Disputes and how they are handled

  • If there are any claims, problems, disagreements with these terms, issues that arise while using the Trendblog services or other disputes that require a settlement by law, please get in touch with us before taking any legal actions as we will always strive to settle disputes in a friendly and discrete manner. Please get in touch with us;
    However if you decide to file a lawsuit before giving us a written notice of your arising issues or claims, the dispute will be void and the claim invalid as we did not have the chance to intervene and help you beforehand.


Regarding this material

  • We appreciate feedback on our services and may improve them with regards to your suggestions without any restrictions or obligations to compensate you. We have no obligations to keep ideas confidential.


These terms and relevant updated

The terms, agreements and policies may change at any given time in order to accurately present Trendblog and our services and policies. We try to only make appropriate changes that are in your interest and for the greater good or positive development for the Trendblog services. We do not require to notify you over changes as long as they do not drastically inflict or damage your privacy or affect your data. When using Trendblog and all related services you will constantly be bound be the relevant most present terms.





Data Policy

In order to provide the Trendblog service we need to collect certain information from you when you log in for the first time and when you use the platform.
We have a high priority for the safety of your personal information and try to keep requested information at a minimum, yet it is necessary for us to gather certain information from our user in order to build a joyful and useful environment for you to use Trendblog.
We understand safety concerns and try to be as transparent as possible in the following paragraphs. In order to understand why and how we use certain information here is how Trendblog works for you;


How Trendblog works for you.

Trendblog, the social-fashion-platform that we have developed is based on the idea that everyone can freely participate so we can all form future fashion trends together democratically. This means, that anyone is able to post pictures, share comments and captions publicly with the entire community and all of the content is rateable.

We filter the most rated content based on the community ratings and therefore display the democratic results of the activity on the platform.

Even though, we filter the content through different fashion categories, regions, age groups and preferences, everyone will technically be able to view every piece of content at some point. As a user you can choose what to contribute to the platform and what content you will share with the community. We are encouraging different ideas and styles in terms of fashion related content, yet we discourage any extreme nudity, violence or any other bad or in any kind similar disturbing content and we reserve ourselves to always intervene and delete such content in order to maintain an interesting and non-offensive environment around our shared interest. Fashion.


When using Trendblog for the first time you will be asked to create an Account. You have the possibility to create an Account with your Facebook, Google or Twitter credentials. Additionally, you can simply create an Account entering an Email and creating a password. After the first log in we will ask for some user information in order to show you the most relevant content. We ask for your preferred global fashion industry, your rough age-group and your preferred fashion category (related to the different genders). All of this we do so we can show you the most relevant content from users with similar interest and with the same choices (background) in order to nurture and maintain an interesting environment.

Main screens

After setting up you will be introduced to Trendblog with a short tutorial. This will show you how to rate other people’s content and introduce you to the other functionalities of Trendblog. Namely; the trash feature, this “dislike” feature allows you to downvote (trash) content that you do not like. Comments, the feature to comment on other posts and content. Share, the possibility to share interesting posts on other social-networks and with your friends. Of course, every post can be marked as inappropriate in order to alert us of inappropriate content and can be blocked so it will not be visible anymore.

As we have no direct influence on the content that will be shared but we can only intervene, we rely on your help to use these features in order to inform us of content that is not helpful or supportive to the community and Trendblog overall or is not in alliance with our common interested. Of course, from our side, we will do our best to ensure that the platform is always kept “clean” according to our standards, yet we cannot assure a 24/7 risk free experience. Lastly, there is the possibility to mark content as your personal “favourite” so you can look at it again in the future in your personal profile.


The personal profile is accessible over the bottom bar menu together with the home button, which will redirect you to the “all” section where you will see all of the newest posts.
Furthermore, the category selection, the upload button and the “more”- options are accessible over the bottom menu bar.

The category button will give you the option to choose what category of fashion you would like to browse through. There are several options ranging from general accessories to streetstyle and a beauty section. All categories can be accessed to see the newest posts, shared by other users with respect to your preferred options (chosen at the beginning), only, as well as all categories only consisting of the most rated and most relevant content of that respective category with respect to your preferred options (chosen at the beginning).


In the center of the bottom bar menu there is the upload button. This is your chance to participate in creating trends and sharing valuable (in compliance with our regulations) content with the community.

When clicking the upload button, the camera screen will open, and you are able to take a picture of yourself in an outfit, or whatever content you wanted to create/share. It is also possible to now access the stored photos in your phone’s library to select.

After taking/choosing a picture you can edit a small text (definition/caption) that will support your post underneath. Lastly you will be able to choose the category that you want to share your content in. The posts will then be visible in that respective area and of course also in the “all” section, where all the newest posts come together. When you are finished, simply click the upload button and the post will go live and will be visible to the entire community.

You can always review your past posts in your profile, where you can also see the average rating that you achieved on each post, as well as the amount of times the post was “trashed” (disliked). Additionally, you can see how many other people have saved your post to their personal favourites.


As mentioned before, inside the profile section you can click on your favourites list button in order to see all the posts that you have marked “saved” before.

Also, you can click on a news button that will present you everything that has happened around your posts (rating, share, comments, trash) in chronological order. On top of the profile screen you can see your username + profile picture that you choose in the beginning when registering for Trendblog the first time.

There is also a total count of your average rating (all posts combined) as well as a trash rating and a “joined Trendblog” timer, that shows you when you registered with us first.
You can edit a small profile text that can, under the right circumstances, be seen by other users. These circumstances are, when you are featured in our scoreboard as one of the users with the top-rated content. In the profile section you will be able to access the settings to, for example, log out of your account.

The only information that is public to other members of the Trendblog community (under the correct circumstances) is, as mentioned before, your username, your caption that you have edited yourself, when you joined Trendblog, your pictures (posts) and your overall ratings as well as collected trashes.




Other options can be accessed over the bottom bar “more” section where you can edit the preferred fashion that you are presented with in terms of age-group, fashion-style (gender related), and interested fashion market. Also, here there is the possibility to review the tutorial again in case you are unsure of a certain feature. Another great feature that we offer here, is, that you can invite a friend to join Trendblog to allow him to see your posted content. When inviting friend there are many options you can choose from, as in terms of how to get in touch with them.


Finally, in the bottom bar “more” section you will also be able to access the scoreboard.
This interesting screen displays the 50 top-rated users (all of their different posts combined), as well as the 50 most-trashed users (all of their posts combined).

Everyone will be able to visit this page and look at the overall ratings. Visible will be the people’s usernames, the respective profile picture and their two most recent posts. For the 50 top-rated users however it is interesting to be featured in the scoreboard as the reward is enhanced visibility. Their profiles are now clickable, and all other users can visit their profile with all posts and the personal descriptions that users can use for whatever purpose.


In addition to this walk-through, where we explained for what reason we are asking for information we will also inform you that your relevant information is stored until your Trendblog account is permanently terminated by us. (As mentioned before this is something you are free to request at any time in case of a valid reason.)

Furthermore, all of the data we collect from you is necessary for us in order to enhance the Trendblog experience and make the service more relevant to you.
We try to keep the information that we ask for limited while at the same time enough for you to enjoy using our services.
Because of our high understanding of how valuable personal data can be we strictly keep all user information intern and do not allow any third parties to access our gathered user data.
However, we do gather all user information in order to provide targetable advertisement for businesses or individuals that want to use Trendblog to promote their products or services.
Very importantly, the data we gathered will never be given out as individual information but rather in bulk in order for advertisement to be targeted to a “certain age-group” or “rough location (city)”.

No individual user information is visible for any regular Trendblog user or any other business-related customer that uses Trendblog as a platform to promote or advertise.

(The only information however that can be publicly viewed is the one that you showcase in your personal profile (This you can edit yourself). But even this information is only accessible to other Trendblog users or community members.)


For further information or any other questions feel free to reach out to:

Any privacy and user data related issues are controlled and handled by;



Töpferstaße 6
40593 Düsseldorf

Final note

We hope that all of you have a pleasant experience when using Trendblog and we hope you can actively contribute to this international community of fashion interested individuals, so we can create future fashion trends together.




Terms and conditions for business customers (B2B)
Users that change their account to a brand account within the Trendblog platform are bound to the same previously mentioned terms & conditions as regular Trendblog users, but also by the B2B terms & conditions that are available on our website

The general usage of the Platform is similar for both different parties, only the branded accounts are able to use Trendblog as a platform to advertise/promote their products/services. The promotional campaigns and advertisement space are purchasable under and can then be brought to action directly on the application.

For more information go to the previously mentioned website or get in touch with us;