Campaigns to advertise within the Community:

How do our Click-based promotions work?

One campaign can be used to promote a single product/service.
The promotion will be visible on Trendblog until the purchased amount of clicks is reached.

You receive the exact number of referrals to your product/web-shop that you pay for. 

In this promotion, the campaign will be displayed specifically amongst the most relevant users for your Brand according to your own choice:
• Age
• Gender
• Location
• Fashion interest

This will ensure high quality referrals and a successful sales output for the campaign.


Plus, all of the impressions are for free!
On average, 5% of impressions result in clicks on your product. 

Meaning, in addition to the referrals from highly interested fashion-enthusiasts,
you will have an amazing opportunity to create awareness for your brand or product.
For free.